Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bama HOCO Weekend!

Living the Tradition and building the Legacy! The girls have "The Real Big AL" as their number one fan!

We found the brick I bought for S. after my very first Bama game.  He will always be part of Alabama Football!

Bryant Denny Stadium....The place where all the magic happens!

If I ever won the lottery this would be a gift to my husband!  Jet airplanes and second homes are overrated! 

Our view from the field.

The official pass to step on the field.

Sweet girls!  We were so excited to connect with Lo.  She is a beautiful girl  on the inside and out!  RTR!

A moment of pause before the activities of the reunion events began. 

I loved this part of the parade!  The Southern Belles!

This Fraternity house is truly Southern Charm!  

This backdrop is made of rolled paper!  AMAZING!

What a fantastic weekend we had in T-town.  It was so fun to be part of the Cheerleader reunion and all of the homecoming activities!  This is a great place to watch a football game! Sot thankful we got to go!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cheer BOW

Y'all know how much I love a bow!  I am so excited she still will wear one for cheer!   Makes my heart so happy!  This girl continues to love cheering and is getting ready for their first competition in November! 

Fall Decor!

Everyone decorates for Halloween, like it's Christmas in our Neighborhood!  I was so lucky to find these spiders last year at the end of the season! I have some orange lights that I need to put on the bushes!  


S. got recruited to fill balloons!

Getting Ready!

What a great group of kids that live in our neighborhood!  The doorbell is often ringing for the girls to play.   Ansley was at a friend's, but Mia didn't miss the opportunity to hang with the boys!
Mia, Blake, Carter and Hayden are on one team.  Team 2 was Ryan, Phoebe,  and Phinley (I'm not sure how Mia stuck with the boys)!

Of course, S. got in on the action too!  What a fun way to end the weekend!

Birthday Cotillion!

Saturday was Cotillion #4.  
She says she doesn't "hate it". I'll take that as a win!  She is learning so much and is getting more comfortable!  She got to dance with Payson last week.  They were great friends in pre-school.  He used to bring her a box of  Frosted Flakes every morning to school.   I love that we are able to connect with old friends at this time in our lives!  Continuing to make memories!

Our carpool helped Ansley celebrate her birthday!  We went to High Rise, ate a cupcake and enjoyed the evening.
Devin, Morgan, Mia and Eli shared in Ansley's big day! 

Morgan helping AP celebrate! 

Ansley Parker is TWELVE!

A sweet gift from Mia.  Made with LOVE!

A gift from Aunt Mis and Family and Nanny!  She loved  the attached Sephora Gift Card!  Perfect Tween gift!

She has grown out of her size 12's so these are the FINAL size of Carter's footie PJ's.  I'm sad that this ends and era! *Sniff*

There is always a fun gift when Dad shops!   I think she was happy!

This girl lights up a room!

Wow!!!  Where has the time gone.  It seems like yesterday when God gave her to us.  We were so in awe of becoming parents and our hearts could not have been more filled with love.   Blink....and 12 years have gone by.  It has been such a blessing to watch this girl grow.  She is so insightful, thinks through every decision, and loves to take in a situation before jumping in.   She loves with her whole heart, truly lights up a room with her smile, and has a contagious laugh.  It has been a blessing watching her become a wonderful young lady.  She loves Starbucks, Jesus and her family!  We are blessed because she is in our lives!

Happy Birthday AP...It's exciting to see how God continues to grow you!