Monday, June 25, 2018

Lauren James Warehouse Sale

Yesterday we went to a ware house closeout sale for Lauren James.   I think we made out pretty well!   

Swim Meet 2018

Mia's events

Four events...Four Blue Ribbons

4 events....2 Blue Ribbons

It is so fun being back at the pool for summer swim.  The girls had  amazing results in their first meet.   Proud of their effort and drive!

Cheer Camp Day 1

Ansley continues to LOVE cheer.  She hasn't had much time to relax this summer but she is okay with that.   Her school team had 3 days of camp this past week.  They learned so much and impressed the crowed at showcase.

Happy Father's Day!

This Guy Right Here.....  We are so thankful for him!  He always brightens up our day, leads us well and loves Jesus!  We get the benefit from all of his great qualities.   So thankful that he chose me and and we share these beautiful little girls!   He celebrated by using his new power washer... now I have clean patio furniture!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Swim 2018

We are so excited for summer swim!  Our neighborhood has a team this year!  Excited to be a Shadow Valley Shark!

Last Day of the 2017-18 School Year!

Ansley is ready for 7th grade! What great middle school years she had!  

Mia is ready for SUMMER!  She had a fantastic first year in Middle School and will return in the fall as a 6th grader!  Time needs to slow down!

Honoring Sarah and Reed

The soon to be bride and groom

The girls are so excited to be in their first wedding!   Sarah's Aunt from TN and myself planned a wedding shower via text and emails to honor Sarah.   What fun we had.  It all came together perfectly!   Now only 17 days until the big day!

Awards Ceremony BFMS 2018

The girls both received The Presidents Award this year.  Straight A's ALL year.  It is so fun celebrating their hard work!

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Spirit week at the final week of practice for the season!   This night was WAR!  

We are ready to travel to Orlando

Cheering on our Girl!  Mia has been an amazing supporter all season, so she too got a Goodie Bag!

Our favorite Cheer Siblings!

Hair prep in the 90 degree heat!

Ready to go!

Elle and Ansley

Team Electric didn't advance the to the finals but what a fantastic experience.   These girls have learned so much this season.  What a great mini get away!
This girl has already started her summer practice schedule.  She loves it!