Monday, April 17, 2017

Wow! That was a long break!

I'm so thankful for people that understand technology!  My new buddies Scott and Aaron from Apple support walked me through updating my blog and uploading pictures with the new Mac OS version.   All of that to say.....I have learned a lot tonight and I am back in business!   

Easter 2017

Shadow Valley Egg Hunt
We are loving our new neighborhood.  

Coloring Eggs

Sweet girl and her treat

Easter Bunny Visits

Indoor Egg Hunt because it was pouring rain!

Breakfast Tradition. We bake Empty Tomb rolls and eggs

I love Easter.  It is such a great day and such a day of celebration.  I am so thankful that Jesus died for ALL of our sins, and because of that we will eternally live forever with Him!  Such JOY!!!

They were done with the photos!


Girls and I preparing for Easter, S. finds a guy on the side of the road selling mudbugs!  Love this man!

Soccer Season 2017

Saturdays on the soccer field again!  What a great way to spend the day.  Ansley is on the STARS

Mia is on Team Fusion.

This year is their first Park League.  The girls are loving it!

Kids Baking Champion

Making homemade lemon with zest, cupcakes!

Spring Break 2017

So much fun relaxing and playing in the sun


A day or two in Cozumel

S. dove, we got a Starbucks.  Our new fun thing is to make up names.  We laughed so hard at the Spanish interpretations.
Suzi "Sudi", Patti "Padi" and Greta "Greda"

The girls and I got to be dolphin trainers for the day!   LOVE!

AP, Always on her hands!

Mia worked tirelessly on this.