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Monday, August 15, 2016

First day S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

Ans never wants to commit to her occupation, this year she was very determined.  She added the medical school on her own.  I think she was missing the familiar!  She loves children and would make a great pediatrician.  She sets a goal and meets it!  I am excited to see what God has planned for her future.  

Ready to tackle her first day of middle school.  I am happy to report she LOVED it!  She said the first two hours were really hard, b/c she didn't know anyone, but after she met a couple of girls she was thrilled.  I loved hearing all about her day!  I'm so proud of her attitude during our transition.  She is ONLY looking at the "glass half full".   I am so thankful for this precious girl.  

Ready to meet their teachers!  

Day One….178 to go! Mia 4th Grade

This girl dreams big and has the work ethic to achieve!  I am so excited to see what God has in mind for her.  

Our 9 year old is in 4th grade!  Time can slow down anytime!  She had a fantastic first day.  She met some new friends, and learned new processes and procedures.  She is ready to learn and enjoyed her day at her new school.  I am so proud of her little spirit.  She has embraced this move and change with a smile.  Even though she misses TN and what she is used to she is growing and figuring out that she can succeed with new opportunities.  

Early morning.  Leaving this morning at 6:50 for a 7:15 drop off.    School starts early in Arkansas!  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Practice and Picture Day 2016-17 School Year

Mia wanted to wear her backpack with her school shirt.  She knew this wouldn't be the case on the first day!  Backpack yes….t-shirt no!

Ansley is going to middle school!  5th grade here she comes!  She is so excited.  We got  the call on Friday, she is on the Thunderbird team.  She is excited to be an Aviator.  Praying for this girl's heart and mind as she grows.  I'm praying for friends and her teachers so that they get to know this girl and her amazing heart.  I pray that tomorrow in the awkward moments she is solid in knowing she is not alone!

She's been chomped!

Taking a quick break!

Mia is in the last year of elementary school.  She is a 4th grade Gator.   It was so fun taking pictures of her.  She is excited an a little nervous for tomorrow morning.  She is ready to have friends!  This girl will move mountains.  I am praying for her precious spirit.  I hope she continues to live in pure joy and focus only on the positive.  Moving has certainly made this family grow.  We continue to trust God and His plan….even when it is hard.  

Thursday, 8.11.16, God showed up.  Our contract was accepted mid-day, there was space for the girls at their respective schools, they were enrolled and we attended the open house night, all within a couple of hours.   We are so thankful for a Heavenly Father that has perfect timing.   On Monday, 8.15.16, these girls will begin a new year in different buildings.   I know God has big plans for them!  I'm praying for easy transitions and JOY!   

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

At the Pond

One of the fun activities while in Illinois.  Grandpa, Kim and girls fishing at the pond!  Aunt Mis sent tons of pictures but this is the only one that showed up on my photo feed.   I love that they are making sweet memories!

High Rise

After these two helped me set up my classroom, I took them to High Rise.  They had fun jumping, trapeze flying, and flipping.   So thankful for these little turkeys!  

Daddy Love

The girls are spending some time at Aunt Mis and families.   Cubbie isn't too sure about any of this transition.  The only thing he knows is he is loved!  He lets Scott love him, but I think he is wondering where his "sissies" are!  

The way we roll….

Celebrating this girl with a move, I bought these candles, paid for them and then left them on the counter! So after figuring out the store hours 2 days later I retrieved them and we sang and lit candles again!  Nothing like lighting up her little life more than once! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 Classroom….Start to Almost Finished!

So  8 years ago this was the room I moved in, it was a bit surreal being back.
  It was my first year teaching at Tucker.  Mia was 1, and crawled on the nasty floor and ate a dead bug.  I'll never forget looking at her huge blue eyes and seeing a bug leg sticking out of her sweet mouth.  I am certain I googled, "toxin remains in dead bugs" and was worried she was poisoned.  She survived and so did the rest of us.   Yesterday, I began my room set up.  I discovered some of my teaching stuff is in storage (sad face here).  I am sure I will figure something out.  

Reading table and word wall…minus student chairs.  

Coping area (not finished)  and calendar.

Math and letter sounds

My desk area waiting for my file cabinet to finish the corner. 

Computer station

Door and window cover.  I had two amazing little girls help me the past two days.  These girls could set up a classroom all by themselves.  They have helped me every year of their little lives.  With all of the moving we have done, they are pros! The room is mostly done.  I will need another table, a few chairs, etc.
 I can't wait to meet the little lives that will walk in this door.  I am always so excited for a new year of learning.  I am blessed to have an amazing job!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mia Scott's 9th Birthday!

What an amazing day we had celebrating this girl.  It started with lots of streamers, balloons and banners.   After a fun run with balloon dancing, she opened her presents, and then wanted to spend the day at the water park.  We then came home to get ready for her birthday dinner and finally birthday pie to end a great day!

Mia as you read this in your later years, I want you to know what a joy you are to us.  Your heart is so big!  You love unconditionally and truly have a gift of making others around you smile.   I am so excited to watch you grow.  God has big plans for you sweet girl.  May your 9th year be the best yet!  You are such a blessing to us.  You are loved and we are blessed!