Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Special Gift- Special Friend

There are no words to express the special heart felt gift that Mia received in the mail yesterday!   Mia's friend Jack in TN, truly changed her little life.  Jack taught her to be an unconditional friend and to be kind ALWAYS!   When we moved, she was so afraid that he would forget her.  Yesterday after school she received this gift.   It was from Jack's grandma.  You see, Jack has this incredible ability to draw whatever he sees.   He LOVES animals and we were always fascinated with watching him draw.  His grandma made him a quilt of his drawings for Christmas.   She knew the special connection Mia and Jack have and she had a drawing left over to make Mia a pillow!   I have tears dripping as I type this b/c this gift is a treasure!  Jack's drawing in a forever keepsake made with love by his grandma.   The talent these two share is truly a gift from God!   I am so thankful we know this precious family!   We love when we know God puts people in our lives with such purpose.   There is never an encounter with another human being that is an accident!  

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

A few little treats from Mom!

Daddy showing us all the love!  We are very blessed that he leads so well!  

All ready for school!  6:45 is early! 

Mia showing me all her love from school!  We have had a day filled with LOVE!

Daddy Daughter Dance 2017

What a special evening that Mia had with her daddy.  They enjoyed the Central Park Daddy Daughter Dance and a fancy dinner out!   Mia was very patient while getting her hair fixed, nails done, and getting all dressed up!  All the effort was worth it….memories made for a lifetime!

Last Valentine Box

Yummy Minonk Chocolates attached to these Valentines!  Thanks Grandpa and Kim!   

Mia's box lit up and was so fun!  

This girl got her creative juices flowing and made her Valentine box!   She had fun planning and executing her design! xoxo
I'm a little sad that this is our last box that we will make.  No party or Valentines next year!

80's Rocked!

I honestly felt like I was looking in the mirror 30+ years ago!  I am so thankful the 80's are OVER!   That style can stay in the past! Fun Way Back Wednesday at BFMS.